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Back to School Fun

Wow, how summer has flown by and I’m excited to step into the vibe of back into school As kids step into this their busy schedule there are lots of hopes from grounding, create calm, and hopefully ease in the household.  As a mom and bringing yoga and mindfulness to schools, I know to well …


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Aloha Vibes

Wee Yogis  in Maui!! With Ram Dass! Sending you Aloha vibes!!! Our touring group had a blast teaching the Wee Yogis kids Mindfulness at the Baba Ram Dass retreat on Maui! So much love! So much happiness! And so much BEING HERE NOW! It’s so beautiful watching the teachings of Ram Dass shape our future! …


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Assembly Musical Adventure

Wee Yogis brings Yoga and Mindfulness to life with a musical adventure!  Let us make your school year, festival, concert and/or conference a time of deep connection to the moment, to each other and to LOVE.  


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A Gift for you!

During this busy time of the year I wanted to send you a little gift of love. Click here for our Wee Yogis Performance for the Ram Dass Retreat!!! I hope it brings you some giggles! These Littles truly break my heart open every time! If you need some laughs in person join us TOMORROW, Saturday December 8th …


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What Boat Will You Choose?

In “My Boat” Song on the Wee Yogis Connect Album, the goal is to remind kiddos that emotions can be like boats. And as we sit along the river and watch different boats appear. All with different names; like “Sad’ “Mad” and “Happy” We can choose which boat we want to ride. If only it was …


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Free Fun for Back to School

I can’t believe it but it’s almost the end of summer – yes! And its that time  again that’s usually welcomed by parents and cringed at by kids: back-to-school.  With the season comes the opportunity to put in place some back-to-school habits that can help your children succeed in school and feel great!!!! We are excited …


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Kids Yoga Teacher Training: YAY, WEE YOGIS!


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Fun with Ram Dass and More!

 PLAY, CONNECT, AND GROW! Happy Summer wishes to everyone!! I’m super excited to share our latest Wee Yogis happenings with all of you!! Just recently returning from the Ram Dass “Spring Retreat on Maui,” Wee Yogis is the first ever kids yoga program at take place at the retreat! This was such a special retreat, …


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I Am A Rainbow

Excited to share this sweet little video from our last family yoga event! The practice: How can we help our children connect to themselves, others, and the moment? In our Wee Yogis Connect, Module 2, of our teacher training we focus of many different aspects to do just this. And one of the ways is …


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I Am A Rainbow

I Am a Rainbow, is one of Kaylee Smiles hits from her 2nd album, Wee Yogis Connect. This album was designed to teach kids how to connect; to themselves, to each other and to the moment through Wee Yogis song and exercises about meditation and mindfulness.


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