Mindfulness In The Making


Mindfulness In The Making

Mindfulness in the Making

By: Jocelyn Kay Levy   |   December 22, 2021

I’m holding on tight as we dance into December! Yep, I’m visualizing a wild partner dance where I’m being spun and spun and holding on for dear life to my partner’s hand, because I know if I let go I’ll go flying and fall.

I think this visual makes sense since the past two years have been crazy, to say the least, and in some ways we are all holding on, waiting desperately to celebrate a happy ending. So yes, I guess I hope our happy ending, or at least a happy distraction, will be the holidays.

I do love the holidays. December is usually the time of year when I whisk away to lead the kids’ program at the Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember retreat in beautiful Hawaii. There, in Maui, my family celebrates in a beautiful multicultural way by being with Satsang (spiritual family), engaging with Bhakti and Buddhist teachings and even lighting the Chanukah candles of the Menorah before floating off into Christmas cheer. Being a ‘Levy’ and a ‘Lee’ or as my husband likes to say, “being a Jew-Bu-Du,” has its perks… we love to celebrate it all!

But wow, what a strange time to reckon with as well. This December, with all that’s going on with pandemic mandates, and a four month old I decided not to teach in Hawaii. With that choice I’m confronted with feelings of wanting to be in community and connect, and at the same time feeling a huge divide. Perhaps it’s the constant barrage of news, social media, or the never ending conversations at the park, but things are tense. The same questions are repeated: Do we wear masks, or don’t we?; Are you vaccinated or not?; Did you take a COVID test or not?

These are important questions, but how can we move into a celebratory vibe and enjoy peaceful, inclusive and constructive conversations with a semi-dark cloud hanging over us all? I personally think it starts with the reminder that we all want the same thing. We all want to feel safe and keep ourselves and the people we love safe. Let’s start there with the core agreements we share. I’m reminded that even though we are in the midst of this crazy dance, it is possible to cultivate feelings of compassion, peace and curiosity when approaching these much needed courageous conversations for the holidays. This is the work and if you think you’re beyond it….well, maybe you’ll consider this quote from Ram Dass, “If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family.”

What this all comes down to is cultivating that seed of compassion inside all of us. It is by moving from me to we that we gain more of a connection. So, let’s cultivate some compassion from the inside out to help us navigate all this holiday chaos… I mean cheer.


Practice this compassion exercise with a friend or loved one. Read these lines together while gazing into each other’s eyes (if this seems hard to do with a partner you can read these lines while thinking of someone that you might have a challenging relationship with).

“This person has a body and a mind, just like me.
This person has feelings, thoughts, and emotions, just like me.
This person has been sad, just like me.
This person has sometimes been angry, just like me.
This person has been hurt by others, just like me.
This person worries, just like me.
This person has been scared, just like me.
This person has longed for friendship, just like me.
This person is learning about life, just like me.
This person wants to be caring and kind to others, just like me.
This person wishes to be free from pain and suffering, just like me.
This person wishes to be happy, just like me.
This person wishes to be safe, strong, and healthy, just like me.
This person wishes to be loved, just like me.
Now, allow some wishes for well-being to arise.

Cultivating compassion in little ones is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. One of the best ways to do this is to ask questions about challenging real life situations, or even stories in books or movies to help your little one start to develop compassion and awareness for other people’s feelings. Reflect with your kiddo about the difficult situation. Let them describe it to you and witness the feelings of everyone involved. Ask questions like: how do you think he felt when the other kids didn’t want to play with him? Why do you think they feel this way? What might help him feel better?

A great book to check out on this topic: The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel. & Tina Payne Bryson 

It’s always fun to see family yoga and mindfulness offerings for our Marin community. I was excited to see these up and coming opportunities to reconnect:

Has a sweet event on December 18th: Parent + Littles Yoga

Is about to start up their December yoga pods for prenatal, new moms and moms.



Jocelyn Kay Levy is a mama, musician, yogi and social innovator. She has been performing music and leading yoga and barre fitness workshops for over 15 years. Jocelyn is the founder of Wee Yogis Organization whose mission is to bring yoga and mindfulness to children through music, videos, podcasts, and teacher training. Wee Yogis is also the kids yoga program for Ram Dass’ Nonprofit Love serve remember. Learn more at weeyogis.com

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