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Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counsellor and certified Wee Yogis kids yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga started in 2007, when she started integrating mindfulness into her therapy sessions with children and adolescents. Since then, she continues to grow her own personal yoga practice, and share the teachings and benefits of showing up on your mat.

Jennifer has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Arizona State University and a Masters in Counseling from the University of Phoenix. Upon graduation, Jennifer worked as the Lead Therapist of the Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program. While working in this program Jennifer realized the importance of family involvement in the recovery process and implemented the first family involvement portion of the IOPSA program. Jennifer has a background working in the IOP-CD (Chemical Dependency) program, the Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder program and the General Outpatient Clinic. She has extensive experience working with children and adolescents ranging in age from 2 years old to 17 years old and has also worked with adults. Jennifer takes a solution focused, family systems and strength based approach when working with children and their families.

Jennifer is a trained Clinical Supervisor and assists her clinical team in meeting and exceeding AZBBHE requirements for licensure. Jennifer supervises the clinical interns and recently joined the University of Phoenix Advisory Council. Jennifer has recently attended trainings to include Self-Mutilation, Multi-Cultural issues in Clinical Supervision, Ethics and Law, Intensive Clinical Eating Disorder Training. She is also a member of the Arizona Counselor’s Association, Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.


Teaches in Arizona


Abbey, RYT and certified kid’s yoga instructor, teaches yoga to all ages. She combines her experience of years of theater performance to inspire kids to sing, dance, play, and practice mindfulness. She loves to share all the wonderful experiences of raising her own two kids and is excited to see you all in class!


Alice Yuan, RYT-200 is a certified Wee Yogis Kids Yoga Teacher. Currently jumping around the world, you can mostly find her teaching kids yoga in Taiwan and Los Angeles.  She has a deep passion to spread the love to the wee one and you can catch her with our touring group!


Crystal,  certified Wee Yogis Kids Yoga Teacher in Missouri!


Elizabeth Piazza is a certified Wee Yogis Kids Yoga Teacher. Elizabeth earned her BA from Prescott College in Integrative Studies in Dance and Spirituality. When she relocated to the Bay Area she took a job as the Childcare Director for Bay Club Marin. It was there that she discovered her passion for teaching Yoga to children. She has invested her time to the study of Kids Yoga with the intention of spreading the love to our youth. When Elizabeth is not teaching you can find her outside exploring the beauty of Northern California!


Emily, RYT-200,  is a certified Wee Yogis Kids Yoga Teacher. Emily spent many years living in Nashville and dedicating her time to non-profits teaching kids yoga. Following her hearts arrow brought her back to Cali where she immersed herself with the Wee Yogis team! You can catch her teaching the wee ones in Los Angeles and traveling with our touring group.


Jamie Siegel has been teaching children’s yoga to her first grade students since 2016. She recently completed her certification with Wee Yogis, and is working towards her 200-hour training with Yoga Works. When she is off the mat, she enjoys hiking with her greyhound, Zuma, and baking yummy vegan treats.

Teaches in LA and is part of our Touring Group


Alexandra Marie Gulesserian, RYT-200, is a certified Wee Yogis kids yoga teacher. Currently living between Costa Rica and the Bay Area she loves spreading the love to kiddos around the world. You can catch her with our touring group at our festivals and local big events.


Libby Schneider, RYT-500, has been teaching yoga to adults and children since 2015. Her love for yoga stems from her own practice and witnessing others discover their limitless potential. She loves facilitating a safe and playful environment. And to help kids learn how to get in touch with themselves. When she is off the mat she enjoys traveling, hiking, backpacking, playing music and singing with friends.


Katriana, singer-songwriter, marketing guru, and Wee Yogis kids yoga teacher. Currently living in Los Angeles. You can catch her with our touring group at our festivals and local big events.


Karen is a certified Wee Yogis kids yoga teacher. Her passion for teaching began in her early 20’s when she became a mother and opened an in-home daycare. As a family coach, she strives to strengthen the heart of family — one soul at a time. This inspires her to bring yoga into family homes and communities around the world. When she’s not teaching yoga, you can find her horseback riding or visiting her four sons.

Teaches in New Mexico and is part of our Touring Group


Kimberly Fife is a passionate yoga arts educator for all ages. She is a musician, earth lover, and seeker of spiritual wisdom. Kimberly holds a BA in Theatre Arts, RYT from Kripalu School of Yoga, and is a certified Wee Yogis Kids Yoga teacher. She currently serves as the Director and lead teacher of Kids and Family Programing at her local Boston area studio.

Kimberly’s classes incorporating yoga, music, dance, stories, art, earth magic, and meditation. Check out her original kids yoga music and guide book to go along with it atLittletribeyoga.org


Malachi Leopold is a certified in many yoga modalities, but is excited to be a Wee Yogis Kids Yoga Teacher. His passion for teaching kids began with teaching yoga at his son’s preschool. When he is off the mat, Malachi enjoys nature, naps, tea, chocolate, and naps (yes, he said naps twice!). Malachi is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, aspiring mountain climber, and age group triathlete


Melody is certified adult and kids yoga teacher. She is a facilitator of heart opening through asana, dance, drum circles and sound healing. She is a world traveler that has taught yoga everywhere from community schools in Peru, prisons in Mexico, kindergartens in Argentina and now Maui!


Molly is a certified Wee Yogis kids yoga instructor, Kindergarten teacher, and family mindfulness facilitator . Molly has polished her teaching craft in educating the whole child and expressive arts therapy. She is specializes in working in urban communities with her  creative, dynamic, and trauma sensitive background.


Rita Caskey has been teaching children since 2012. While working as a Occupational therapist working with kids in early intervention, her love for mindfulness grew as she experienced first hand all the benefits and help it offered her kiddos. She has a deep passion of creating inclusive safe spaces where kids can feel empowered.

Part of our Weekly Marin Schedule


Trang, YTRx-500 certified Yoga therapist, Wee Yogis Kids Yoga teacher and professional yoga advocate. She is currently on the Youth Yoga Board of Directors and has developed multiple kids camps throughout LA. She is devoted to helping kids connect to their true self!
Constantly on her quest for knowledge, she has traveled around the world to study yoga and mindfulness some of her favorite adventures have been India, Nepal, Bali and Germany.


Stasha Surdyke is a certified Barworks and Wee Yogis kids yoga teacher. Her passion for teaching yoga began when she got involved with the non-profit arts organization CoachArt and realized her practice could be helpful for children with chronic illness. Stasha brings a joy of life and mindfulness to her classes and hopes to offer her students a new discovery of self-love and healing. When she is not teaching, Stasha can be found on stage, working professionally in the theater, singing jazz, hiking, and playing with her two kitties Fiona and Tristam.


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