Excited to share this sweet little video from our last family yoga event!

The practice:

How can we help our children connect to themselves, others, and the moment?

In our Wee Yogis Connect, Module 2, of our teacher training we focus of many different aspects to do just this. And one of the ways is to teach them about the Chakras and the meaning of the Chakras.


But wait, what is a Chakra?
“A chakra is a vortex of constantly moving energy. In Sanskrit, the classical language of India, chakra directly translates to wheel. While there may be thousands of chakras in our body, for simplicity, seven primary chakras are focused on. They are often visualized as spinning wheels of light forming a ladder from the base of the spine to the top of the head.” —Jacquelyn Krieger Jacquelynkrieger.com

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How can we teach the about the chakras and why? This can be as simply as when your child is getting ready for school, and they pick their favorite red shirt…you can remind them  the characteristics of Red, “Red! I am healthy and strong!” Every color stand for something powerful and different and this can help build confidence and independence and also help them see the world in color with positivity and beauty.

Another simple exercise is: if your child is having a hard day, upset or sad about something you can ask them where they feel it. Is it is your stomach? Your throat? And relate it to what the chakra means. For example, if they feel tight in their throat, talk about the color blue and the importance of speaking…speaking about whats truly bothering them and letting their voice be heard. This is a great way for children to truly get in touch with their body, emotions and go dig deeper so they can express themselves.

These are just a couple of ways to help your children to truly connect! Watch our new video, I am a Rainbow and see how we teach our children in a group setting. So beautiful!


Song Lyrics and chakra meanings

Red, I am healthy and strong Orange, I feel and create
Yellow, I do and have the courage

Green, I love and I’m kind
Blue, I speak and I’m calm
Indigo, I see and imagine
Violet, I know because I’m wise and I am a rainbow I am a rainbow

I am a rainbow I am a rainbow I am a rainbow I shine bright

Hope all this information helps you!


Jocelyn AKA Miss Smiles

Founder, Wee Yogis

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