Wee Yogis is a leader in spreading the love!

Let’s face it, being a kid isn’t always easy. Wee Yogis is committed to improving the lives, health, and hearts of children. Just like a good PB&J, we think that pairing fun, interactive learning environments with transformative media is the key to getting the attention of everyone from toddlers to tweens. Our program lets kids get their wiggles out, calm their minds and develop a mindfulness practice that can decrease stress and maintain a connection to the joy of childhood.

Our program that is thoughtfully tailored to entertain and inspire children, seeks to combine the transformative powers of yoga with the universal language of music. We incorporate play, breathing techniques, group and partner activities, energy and calming games, and self-reflection to promote the healing and the union of the mind, body and hearts of children.


Through love, patience and joy, Wee Yogis uses yoga and music to help children create a mind & body connection that decreases stress, builds confidence and maintains a connection to childlike wonder.



Yoga helps children improve focus and concentration, gain confidence and learn to express themselves. Classes include fun yoga poses, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness exercises.


Music is designed to teach children yoga poses and mindfulness through an entertaining sequence of songs, games, and fun.


Wee Yogis 95-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training is an incredibly fun and heart opening educational experience for anyone interested in inspiring children towards mindfulness and yoga.

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