Meet Our Founder

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Jocelyn “Jyoti” Kay Levy is a RCYT, E-RYT 500-hour certified with Yoga Alliance and is a leader in bringing Yoga, Mindful Fitness and Wellness to people of all ages. She is a nationally recognized yoga teacher and trainer, kids entertainer and founder of Wee Yogis. Inspired to bring awareness to yoga and mindfulness to families everywhere, Levy founded Wee Yogis in 2009. The Wee Yogis Organization brings yoga wellness to children though transformational media and entertainment, such as original music, videos, concerts, classes and even an original play (the first ever yoga musical). Levy’s programs fuses different aspects of her life to create fun, thoughtful, and effective learning environments which combine music, movement and healing to unite the mind, body and soul.

Levy specializes in teacher trainings, student classes, workshops and transformational media. Having students that range from infants to elders, she is a firm believer in the benefits of mind body wellness and has a passion to bring it into all environments. Prior to the launch of Wee Yogis, Levy collaborated with YogaWorks where she developed their BarWorks and a Kids Yoga Program. She has developed yoga, music, wellness workshops and programs for many corporate clients such as the Social Venture Network, Hilton Hotels, The Neighbor Agency, the Fairwind Retirement Communities and many more. Levy’s passion for a healthy mind and body is reflected in everything she does and her achievements show her commitment to the industry.


Wee Yogis is a leader in spreading the love!

Wee Yogis introduces yoga classes for kids of all ages to yoga and mindfulness through fun, interactive, and effective learning environments and transformative media. We help kids stay connected to their childlike freedom through the use of yoga, mindfulness, music, art, and interactive play. Children will develop a mind body connection, release stress, gain confidence and learn to express themselves. Wee Yogis is also a leader in bringing kids content such as CDs, DVDs, and performances around the world.

Wee Yogis Opportunities

Become a Wee Yogis Teacher

Wee Yogis was designed not only to be a teacher training program, but to  become a family and network for you for the rest of your children’s yoga career. Now that you have completed our 95hr teacher training, you have the opportunity to teach classes, join our touring group, join our teachers online network, and to train to be one of our teacher trainers.

Wee Yogis Classes

As of now, Wee Yogis has classes in Los Angeles and the Bay Area and we plan to conduct them around the world.

Wee Yogis Membership

This April, Wee Yogis alumni will have the opportunity to sign up for our Wee Yogis teachers network.If you decide to sign up with the network,

Touring Group

The Wee Yogis touring group brings our love of yoga through musical performances and classes at various yoga camps around the world.

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