Wee Yogis  in Maui!! With Ram Dass!
Sending you Aloha vibes!!!
Our touring group had a blast teaching the Wee Yogis kids Mindfulness at the Baba Ram Dass retreat on Maui!
So much love! So much happiness! And so much BEING HERE NOW!It’s so beautiful watching the teachings of Ram Dass shape our future! Two of his biggest teachings being; Be LOVE and Connect to each other as Souls not Roles!

As I leave Hawaii this is our mission. Be Love. I would love to invite you to join us! How do we be love? Truly how can we love more with every interaction? No life is not always easy but in my hardest times, I stop, put my hand on my heart, and remember love and remember how we are all just walking each other home.

What if we looked at each other as a soul? And with curiousness of how our souls interweave and dance a play! Yes, I’m human and sometimes someone’s role can irritate me. But one of my wee Yogis teacher Elizabeth, reminded me one day.
she said sometimes when I get upset with someone I start singing your song; Forgiveness!
Can you forgive me
can you forgive me
I made mistakes and sometimes can’t see them
we did the best that we can do
we are learning as we grow up.
Forgiveness can be hard
but I can heal
if I open my heart to you
forgiveness forgiveness
I forgive you and can you forgive me.

Oh, wow it’s amazing how if we forget, but it’s so beautiful how our friends, family , spiritual satsang can remind us!

If you need more then just reading these words! Please join Elizabeth, my dear soul sister and Wee Yogis Teacher she will be teaching Family yoga at The Luma Center this Sunday! Come soak up the love and then Be Love!

And if you miss this event join us for these:

Metta Wee Yogis Kids Yoga
Tuesday at 3:45pm until July
drop- in!

Wee Yogis Yoga & Music
April 15th-  May 29th (two more weeks!)
The Village Child, Novato
Wednesdays 11:45am
Sunday 10am- 10:45am

Wee Yogis Yoga & Music
Pomegranate Yoga, San Anselmo
This Monday, May 20th @ 9:30am- 10:15am is our last Monday before summer break! Hope to see you!

The Luma Center (Petaluma)
Family Yoga
June 8th, 10 – 10:45am

The Luma center (Petaluma)
Family Yoga
July 13th, 10 – 10:45am

Wee Yogis Teacher Training
Training for 2-12 yr. olds 
July 20th- 21st Los Angeles
YogaWorks Tarzana, CA

Grace Cathedral
Kirtan with Devaa & Jocelyn Jyoti
July 23rd- 7pm
San Francisco, CA

95hr Children’s Teacher Training Intensive
July 28th-August 5th
Wee Yogis Tree House, Marin
(2 more Scholarships Available & housing available)

Become a Registered Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher!

July 31th – August 2th
Wee Yogis Kid’s Yoga Week : 1$ CLASSES

  • Tuesday, July 30th 3:30pm @ Metta Yoga,
  • Wednesday, July 31st 3:30pm @ Pomegranate Yoga
  • Thursday, August 1st 3;30pm @ Metta Yoga

ALL ONLY $1 (must register online)


Become an expert in Kids Yoga and Mindfulness and earn your specialty designation as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT)* … in just 9 days!
95hr Teacher Training Retreat and Intensive: July 28th- August 5th
Regular Investment for our treehouse retreat/ training and Housing: Investment: $2200*
Regular Investment for training/Off-site: $1500
 Investment: $1500

The Wee Yogis 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Intensive

(certified by the Yoga Alliance) is a magical,  educational, transformational experience meant for aspiring registered children’s yoga teachers and anyone passionate about bringing mindfulness and yoga to children. This 9-day training is nestled in the redwoods of Marin in our Wee Yogis Tree House and Marin local studios; Metta Yoga & Pomegranate Yoga. It is an intimate group of 10 trainees so each educator can complete all hands-on/ teaching hours and leave feeling fully confident to go out into the world and facilitate.  Each day is an invitation to “be here now” and dive deep into  learning, wellness, empowerment and a lot of fun!

Our master trainer and expert guest speakers will cover an array of topics including, but not limited to: teaching toddlers to teens, yoga poses, stories, music, games, breathing & mindfulness exercises, working with children with special needs, anatomy, subtle body, yoga philosophy, anti-bullying exercises and more. Teachers will leave this training as part of a loving community of kids yoga experts! Ready to the spread the love!

o   Become a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT)

o   Become an official Wee Yogis’ teacher for connections to teaching yoga and mindfulness at schools, festivals and other programs

o   Included in the training is the Wee Yogis Professional Training: 3 group meals, Intensive Manual, collection of all Wee Yogis yoga music albums, Wee Yogis Teacher t-shirt, and 95hr Children’s Yoga Certification. 


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