The Wee Yogis 95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training is an incredibly fun, playful, heart opening, educational experience meant for teachers, educators, parents, caregivers, pediatric professionals, and anyone inspiring children towards mindfulness and yoga at an early age. After completing the 4 modules you will have a solid foundation and experience to teach toddlers, children with special needs, and teens. Full attendance to all 4 modules is required to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher.

Module 1

Wee Yogis Play

22 hours

Kids Yoga Teacher Training focuses on teaching children ages 2-12. Module 1 is a fun, playful and educational weekend experience that is open to anyone who wants to teach and inspire kids through yoga.

Our teacher training provides an in-depth understanding on how to keep kids yoga entertaining and educational through the use of imagination, stories, music, games, poses and breathing exercises. At this workshop, trainees will learn skills to help children develop a mind-body connection, release stress, gain confidence and learn healthy ways to express themselves.

All trainees will receive the Wee Yogis Play teaching manual, album, and a certificate of completion to teach kids ages 2-12.


Module 2

Wee Yogis Connect

22 hours

Kids Yoga Teacher Training focuses on teaching children ages 2-12. Module 2 is a specialized module designed to empower teachers as warriors of well-being in their lives and work. As we dive into deep transformative experiences, trainees will learn to help children connect to their true selves, to others and to the moment through subtle body and mindfulness exercises.

Curriculum includes the following teaching topics specifically focused for kids: mindfulness and stress-reducing games and songs, anatomy, subtle body: energy and chakras, teaching to children with special needs, as well as yoga and therapeutic activities for kids with ADD/ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorders.

All trainees will receive the Wee Yogis Connect teaching manual, album and certificate of completion.

Module 3

Wee Yogis Grow

22 hours

This is an advanced module with an elevated curriculum. Topics include: working with at-risk youth,  yoga philosophy and bringing the teachings of Ram Dass to youth, behavior management techniques, bullying, sequencing for teens, advanced poses such as backbends/inversions/arm balances, Sanskrit, mantras, chanting, empowerment techniques, and an introduction to Kirtan. Trainees will receive the Wee Yogis Grow teaching manual and CD.

Module 4

Mentorship and Practicum

29 hours

Wee Yogis Mentorship and Practicum is the fourth module of our Wee Yogis 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Module 4 is a hands-on experience teaching kids of all ages and training one-on-one with founder, Jocelyn. Topics include: the business of kids yoga; covering information about liability forms, insurance, class fees, marketing, and more. All trainees will learn how to design a class of their own and be involved with hands-on class observation and support at local yoga studios, schools, and for a Wee Yogis Sing-a-long event.

For graduate classes, all trainees will develop and teach at Wee Yogis Weekend Camp. Once this module is complete, trainees will be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance as a RCYT.

  • Become a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT)*
  • Become an official Wee Yogi’s teacher for connections to teaching yoga and mindfulness at schools, local studios, festivals and other programs.
  • Included in the training is the Wee Yogis Professional Training Manual and the collection of all three Wee Yogisyoga music albums


The Wee Yogis 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (certified by the Yoga Alliance) is an incredibly fun, impactful, educational experience meant for aspiring registered children’s yoga teachers and anyone passionate about bringing mindfulness and yoga to children. The 11-day intensive training is a comprehensive approach illustrating essential tools and practices that are proven to help kids gain a mind-body connection, release stress, gain self-confidence and express themselves.

Our master trainer and expert guest speakers will cover an array of topics including, but not limited to: Yoga poses, stories, music, games, breathing & mindfulness exercises, anatomy, subtle body, injuries, and more. Teachers will leave this training with the experience necessary to teach kids all the way from toddlers to teens as well as being equipped to instruct children with special needs.

*Those who are registered with Yoga Alliance as 200 RYT or 500 RYT can also register with Yoga Alliance as a “Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT)” upon completion of the Wee Yogis95hr Teacher Training.

Upcoming Training:

August 2020

"The Wee Yogis training is exceptional! It was above and beyond my expectations. The training was soooo much FUN! In my 300 hour my project was to bring yoga to LAUSD. But I think you are the individual that could truly convince the 2nd largest school district in the world to make it happen! You have inspired me beyond imagination. Giga – gratitude!" -Dina K (Educator at LAUSD)


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