New Album: Wee Yogis Connect

February  26, 2015 (San Francisco, CA)

kids yogaWee Yogis is thrilled to announce the debut of our second album, Wee Yogis Connect ($10.99) available for download on iTunes and on  The new yoga music album helps children of all ages connect through mindfulness, fun and adventure. The new album is quickly gaining popularity in children’s yoga classes due to its ability to create a fun, thoughtful and effective learning environment. Writer, producer and musical artist, Jocelyn Kay Levy (aka Kaylee Smiles) recognized as a leader in children’s transformational entertainment, composed the music to help students better connect to their inner-self, tap into the mind/body connection and express emotions.

Levy is a nationally recognized yoga teacher and trainer, wellness speaker and founder of Wee Yogis. The organization was launched in 2009 to package yoga and mindfulness in entertaining, fun, impactful formats for kids and their families everywhere. Wee Yogis delivers yoga wellness to children through transformational media and entertainment. Along with creating the world’s first yoga musical, Wee Yogis curates children’s songs, videos, concerts and classes.  Levy’s hope is that the new album will welcome an innovative learning environment that combines music, movement and healing to unite the mind, body and soul.  

Wee Yogis Connect offers music that gives children the opportunities and tools needed to relax, reflect, strengthen and focus. Levy’s music is designed to teach children to focus and be present through yoga poses, games and mindfulness exercises. Each song offers a different theme and is intended to help children focus on different parts of the mind and body.

The album offers a range of music from high-energy beats to low-key meditative musical notes.  Sound Adventure is a beautiful sequence of nature sounds created to help kids develop concentration and awareness to the present moment.  My Boat, is a catchy song that helps teach children that they have the power to choose their emotions and thoughts. Body Scan is a song that guides children through a meditative exercise used to relax targeted areas of the body and help release tension. I Am A Rainbow creates a rejuvenating spirit that brings awareness to the chakras and enables children to recognize and learn about their feelings. “The medicine is in the syrup,” as one of Jocelyn’s teachers and world renowned Kirtan singer Krishna Das often says.

Wee Yogis encourages children of all ages to connect to themselves, their friends and their families in healthy new ways. The music enhances student’s ability to forgive, love and find happiness through mindful exercises. For more information on Wee Yogis please visit

Press inquires contact Jocelyn Kay Levy of Wee Yogis at 323.770.6635 or [email protected].



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