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Back to school time is upon us!!!  This is always a fun and eventful and sometimes stressful time; trying to get our little ones back on track with a whole new school year.  Juggling new after-school activities, also making our own deadlines for work, while managing the household – it can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed as we try to juggle a whole bunch of different balls. But we want to remind you as you juggle… that juggling can be fun! Imagine being at a circus, watching a clown bringing the crowd to life with laughter and tears as he does his extraordinary juggling act! Let’s try this! Be silly! Be playful! And know that you can create this playful atmosphere in your home!

And hey, let us help you! We have put together a super exciting Back to School Event for you and your little ones on Sunday, September 25th at the YogaWorks in Novato!  This will be a perfect way to set that playful and lighthearted intention and to celebrate your new Back to School schedules! This will be an hour long workshop with fun yoga poses, lots of games, yoga stories, and LIVE MUSIC!!! We will be singing lots of songs from all our albums, Wee Yogis Play, Wee Yogis Connect and our newest album , Wee Yogis Grow. (Here’s the link to the newest album, in case you missed it! )

The workshop is only $25 per family so register now because space is limited. And we Hope to see you there!



  • Step your right foot forward
  • Your right heal is aligned with your left arch
  • Back your right knee
  • Your knee should point in the same direction as your toes
  • Reach your arms to the sky

Silly cues for learning

  • You are a powerful warrior!
  • You can conquer anything you focus your mind on!

Fun games for teaching

  • Yoga Freeze Dance
  • Proud Warrior Song


Little Monkeys

Releases energy and teaches mindfulness.

We thought this would be the perfect exercise for you and your little ones in celebration of Back to School!  Not only do we have to get back into juggling schedules, but we’re constantly having to juggle our thoughts as well!  While playing the Little Monkey Song from Wee Yogis Connect, dance around with your little one and be silly monkeys!  And when you freeze, pause and focus, remembering the Second Yoga Sutra about ‘stilling the mind.’  Try to stop the mind chatter and focus on your breathing and be in the moment!

“My mind has little thoughts
That jump around and jump around and jump around
Like little monkeys non-stop
But if I practice yoga, I can make them calm
If I practice yoga, I can make them stop” 

You can learn more about these and other activities at – which will also include our teacher training dates and videos for the kids!
The National Kids Yoga Conference is coming September 30th-October 2nd and they have an amazing teen track for ages 13-17!  Teens will have an opportunity to advance their personal yoga practice, as well as connect with the premier community of youth yoga practitioners. The teens will experience a full day of special classes designed just for them. We will discuss relevant topics like yoga, body image and self-esteem, hands on applications for yoga in daily life, and the logical progression from teen yogi to yoga teacher. Engaging activities and plenty of movement are incorporated into this fun and educational Teen Track.
Learn more at

Here is more info on our Events:

Upcoming Events

Back to School Family Event!
September 25th @ 9am
YogaWorks Novato

Halloween Family Event!
October 29th @ 2:30pm-4pm
YogaWorks Novato

Wee Yogis Teacher Training
Module 1: Wee Yogis Play
October 8th & 9th
YogaWorks Santa Monica 

Wee Yogis 95hr Intensive Teacher Training
July 26th – August 5th
Ojai, CA

Please subscribe and check out these new fun and instructional videos here:
Love you lots and thank you all for your support! Yay! Wee Yogis!!!
xoxox Jocelyn “Jyoti” Kay Levy

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