Happy Holidays!

A Holiday Gift for You!

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Happy Holidays Friends!!!

As we reach the end of the year and step into the holidays with all of our friends and family, we wanted to give you a special gift to play with your wee yogis over the break. Here is a full length video that will take you and your kids on a fantastic musical journey into yoga and mindfulness. Please also feel free to share it with your other friends and family that have kids.

Click here to see the video:

Many of you also know that I’m going to have a Wee Yogi of my own:)!!!! Thank you for all of the continued support and love that is showering in from you amazing Wee Yogis teachers, students, parents, and children.

We were also very honored to receive a special blessing from Ram Dass during our trip to his “Open Your Heart in Paradise” retreat on Maui. Ram Dass, who is such a light to us all and a pure manifestation of love, is my most beloved teacher. His teachings around loving awareness, being present, finding grace in suffering and connecting to the souls of everyone truly help to guide me through my days. And as founder of Wee Yogis, I’m always trying to find new ways to channel some of these important teachings to our youth.

 One of the main questions we get here is: How do we share mindfulness, breath, compassion, forgiveness, chanting and most of all love?We believe it starts with the simple things like simply allowing them to be in the room and take part in your yoga practice, chanting time, or quiet mediation. Let them see you and be near you during this sacred time so that this can plant a seed for a lifetime. And then once they have taken part in your sacred time, join them in theirs, by playing music and teaching some silly yoga and movement time for them.

Let your new year be filled with joy, laughter and the ability to see all the beautiful blessings that make your life so special.

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