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Yoga Album

Even the most experienced yogis can use some pointers. Many fall into routines that may not necessarily be advantageous to us. Wee Yogis teaches yoga to all ages and has a number of suggestions to get the most out of your practice, including using a yoga album for your practice.

A Yoga Album Will Improve Your Practice

A yoga album will greatly improve your practice, and you can find the best, specially tailored albums at Wee Yogis. Using a yoga album will reduce stress. You may arrive at your practice with a need to decompress, which may require some time. You don’t want this to detract from your session. A yoga album will not only ease you into your practice, but can help you go deeper into your practice. Sometimes you listen to music that motivates you or lets you be more physically and emotionally open. A yoga album provides the opportunity to use a tool outside of yourself to deepen your experience. It will help you be present. Being present is so important in yoga—as you listen to fluctuations in a yoga album, you’re reminded of the ebb and flow of life and energy. The more relaxed you are during your practice, the more you will benefit from it. A yoga album will allow you ease into your practice, like a soothing bath enwrapping you. Further, the more relaxed you are, the more healing benefits you get from your practice. A yoga album will help you become renewed. You’re creating a setting for happiness and a platform for tranquility.

To get the most out of your yoga practice, you must prepare for your experience prior to arriving. Go to practice on an empty stomach or have a very light meal. It’s difficult to twist and maneuver on a full stomach and you will find it generally uncomfortable. However, you absolutely want to be hydrated. This could include having a beverage with electrolytes in it such as coconut water, or tea. You especially want to keep water on hand if you’re practicing Bikram yoga.

You want to ensure that you arrive to class early. Early enough to find a parking spot, get into the studio, situate yourself and have time to spare. Reduce distractions as much as possible, which includes leaving your phone in your car or locker. Don’t even allow the opportunity to become distracted about email and social media. Some people go into yoga with the mindset that they are not allowed to think about anything other than the practice—no thoughts about work, school or loved ones. Try to focus on the present and getting the most out of the practice. If you arrive early, you have time to decompress and become centered in your body and in your mind. This way, your entire practice comes from a place of strength and clarity.

Use a yoga album to assist your practice. Find out more at or 323-770-6635.

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