Top Gift For Mindful Families

Wee Yogis Has the Top Gift for Mindful Families

Top Gift For Mindful Families

This holiday season, the top gift for mindful families is a thoughtful addition to someone’s life. Getting a top gift for mindful families is a departure from regular gift giving in that it requires giving with a sense of care and potentially inciting a sense of mindfulness in the recipient. Wee Yogis offers a number of top gift for mindful families, from WEE YOGIS PLAY, a kid’s yoga music album, to yoga classes. A top gift for mindful families instills a sense of tranquility and calm to the recipients.

The Top Gift for Mindful Families Unite the Family

Games can offer a great top gift for mindful families. Games offer the opportunity for family members to unify through fun, and members can not only spend quality time together, but can get to know each other. Charades kits, trivia games, and even smartphone apps provide games that all ages and members of the family can enjoy.

Offering an opportunity to reflect is an ideal top gift for mindful families. This can be in the form of a journal to be used for introspection. It can be decorative and/or personalized. You may consider including a beautiful pen as well. This book can simply be used to write one thing each day that the recipient is grateful for. Through gratitude, ones finds their happiness increased and appreciation for life expounded upon.

Similarly, inspirational books provide an excellent top gift for mindful families, like books authored by Eckhart Tolle and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Even a coloring book can provide an opportunity for children and adults alike to focus on a single task. Coloring can be a meditative task.

A Zen garden, (the receptacles containing rocks, sand, and rake), is another way to provide a meditative outlet. While you’re not completing any particular task with the Zen garden, you’re allowed a moment of a clear mind.

Art makes for a great top gift for mindful families. Art comes in many forms—print, sculpture, and paint. What if you offered the supplies to create a mural in a family’s space? The family can collaborate on creating art, which will allow members to learn and fun with each other. Also, a piece is created to remind the family of their unity.

There are gifts that can remind the recipient to be mindful. Think of jewelry like rings, bracelets or necklaces that can include words like “breathe”, “dream”, and “serenity”.

There are rituals that can great in motivating or supporting meditation.
For the home, a special candle can be gifted that can be lit to aid in meditating. Organic tea and/or a decorative tea set can allow the recipient to have a soothing ritual prior to their meditation session. Additionally, a meditation set with inspirational quotes can help someone get into the mindset of meditation. Earphones to listen to meditation music are a great inclusion.

Get the top gift for mindful families. To find out more, visit https://weeyogis.comor 323-770-6635.

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