Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness for Kids

Essential Strategies to Teach Mindfulness for Kids

Wee Yogis specializes in teacher trainings, student classes, workshops, and what we like to refer to as “transformational media.” We are dedicated to teaching kids of all ages about the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga. When it comes to teaching mindfulness for kids, our team of experienced and creative teachers is truly committed to teaching kids’ important skills and useful resources.

Wee Yogis is a leading provider of yoga music for kids and families, DVDs, and global performances to increase awareness when it comes to mindfulness for kids. Did you know that the mindfulness movement is one of the most innovative and beneficial social trends within the past several decades? According to a recent article, there are a variety of ways to teach mindfulness to kids. Some of the ideas and concepts references include establishing your own practice, maintaining breathing exercises with partners, making a gratitude list, and thinking of mindfulness as a long-term goal.

Why is Mindfulness for Kids Important?

There are many benefits to mindfulness. No matter what age, what background, or where you live- all sorts of people will benefit from mindfulness. Mindfulness is proven to strengthen the immune system as well as the body’s natural response to stress and negative emotions. Mindfulness is also likely to improve social relationships with family and friends. Mindfulness for children is beneficial because it helps reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

Today, many children’s lives tend to be over scheduled and saturated with over stimulating forms of media. Kids are experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression at a higher rate than ever before. Some children’s’ brains are in a constant state of “fight or flight” which results in decreased academic and social performances, problems with attention, and difficulty with sleep patterns- among other things. Mindfulness for kids has proven to be more necessary and more effective than ever before. Wee Yogis has dedicated themselves to providing quality lesson in mindfulness.

There is a range of different activities that families can do with their children to teach and increase mindfulness. Mindfulness for kids has never been more important. Though many people underestimate a child’s need for mindfulness, its benefits are wide reaching and have long-term positive effects. Some activities to develop mindfulness in children include: reading on their own or with a family member, family discussions, playing board games, practicing yoga, mediation, caring for pets, household chores, drawing, practicing the art of stillness, volunteering, spending time in nature, and more. To learn more about Wee Yogis and mindfulness for kids, please visit our website.

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