Mindful Family Music

mindful family music

Wee Yogis is one of the leaders in mindful family music that really inspires and infuses children and parents alike with powerful, positive yoga messages. Wee Yogis’ founder, Jocelyn aka “Kaylee Smiles”, has been revolutionizing the kids’ yoga music with mindful family music albums as well as yoga and music events, musicals, and classes. Her mindful family music is both playful and educational. Kids learn more about various yoga poses through the songs. This kids’ yoga music also emphasize mindfulness for kids through the fun, positive-message filled lyrics.

Raising Vibrations As A Family

When children and parents listen to mindful family music together, they can share a deep experience of connecting with themselves and one another as a strong family unit. Research studies have linked tons of physical and emotional benefits to listening to music with positive messages. Children are especially influenced by the music that they’re exposed to. It’s amazing to see children incorporate the yoga and mindfulness tools they learn so readily when they’re exposed to a steady stream of children’s yoga music.

Wee Yogis Play

Wee Yogis Play is Kaylee Smiles’ original album designed to teach kids yoga and meditation, as well as mindfulness for kids through an entertaining sequence of yoga songs, poses, games and fun. The album features 16 fun and interactive songs that can be enjoyed individually or as a full musical journey. This mindful family music has been an across the board hit.

Wee Yogis Connect

Wee Yogis Connect, the 2nd album, teaches children to focus and be present through yoga poses, games, and mindfulness exercises. Each song offers a different theme and is intended to help children focus on different parts of the mind and body.

This mindful family music album offers a range of music from high-energy beats to low-key meditative musical notes.  Sound Adventure is a beautiful sequence of nature sounds created to help kids develop concentration and awareness to the present moment.  My Boat, is a catchy song that helps teach children that they have the power to choose their emotions and thoughts. Body Scan is a song that guides children through a meditative exercise used to relax targeted areas of the body and help release tension. I Am A Rainbow creates a rejuvenating spirit that brings awareness to the chakras and enables children to recognize and learn about their feelings.

Wee Yogis Connect encourages children of all ages to connect to themselves, their friends and their families in healthy new ways. The music enhances student’s ability to forgive, love and find happiness through mindful exercises.

Benefits of Mindful Family Music

These mindful family music albums inspire children of all ages to connect to themselves, their friends and their families in healthy new ways. The children’s yoga enhances children’s ability to forgive, love and find happiness through mindful yoga kids exercises. The amazing thing about this yoga music for kids is it can be accessed whenever, wherever, and really expands their consciousness and brightens their days.

Discover how you and your kids can benefit from Wee Yogis’ fun, and exciting mindful family music albums. Wee Yogis also features yoga music events and even a yoga musical, as well as a wide range of children’s yoga classes.

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