Giving Thanks!

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Giving Thanks



Hey friends!!!

There is no better time to express gratitude! So here I go, I’m so thankful for you!!!!!!! Thank you for believing in Wee Yogis, joining and playing with us at our special classes, bringing us to you schools and events, singing with us at our sing-a-longs and festival concerts, and helping us spread the love!

Especially important at times like these to remind each other to turn off the TV’s, Cell phones and social media and take time to truly connect to our loved ones to give thanks.

As strange at is, sometimes expressing our gratitude to the people we love the most can actually be the hardest. I aim to break this pattern within myself and also help teach our little ones to do this at a young age.  So I triple dog dare you! Try to participate in this gratitude exercise:

I love doing ____________with you!Child or loved oneI love doing_____________with you!You
Im grateful for you because….

Child or loved one

I’m grateful for you because…..

We can do it! High fives in advance! Let’s make this gratitude shift together!

One more piece of gratitude that I would like to express, is to all of our teachers!!!! To all you Wee Yogis teachers around the world. Thank you for you and for sharing your light and bringing yoga and mindfulness to kids!

And that being said, thank you to our newest group of teacher in Los Angeles whom just completed Module 1: Wee Yogis Play!!

And for any others that aspire to be a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, we’ll see you in the summer for our 95hr Kids Yoga Intensive  in Ojai, California. Remember space is limited!


Bridge Pose


  • Stretches the front body
  • Heart Opener


  • Lie on your back
  • Bend your knees
  • Feet should be hip distance
  • Heels under your knees
  • Lift your hips
  • Walk your shoulders closer to each other

Silly cues for learning

  • You’re a strong bridge. Let the boats sail under you!
  • lift your heart to the sky!


Follow the Light


  • Teaches focus


  • Turn off the lights in the room. Then, using a flashlight, ask the children to silently follow the light. Then choose different children to guide the light with the flashlight.

Best way to practice gratitude is to first forgive

You can learn more about these activities, songs and practices at
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Learn all things Kids Yoga! I’ll be sharing yoga tips, games, mindfulness exercises and news!
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Here is more info on our Events:

Upcoming Events

Wee Yogis Special Holiday Video Release!

Wee Yogis Teacher Training
Module 1: Wee Yogis Play
May 13th & 14th
YogaWorks Santa Monica 

Wee Yogis Teacher Training
Module 1: Wee Yogis Play
April 8th & 9th
San Francisco

Wee Yogis 95hr Intensive Teacher Training
August 4 – August 13th
Ojai, CA

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