Body Scan

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Teaching children how to connect to feelings and their body. As adults we are lucky enough to enter mindfulness classes and to participate in exercises to help us become aware of stress or tension in our body or mind. One exercise that addresses this is the Body Scan.

The Body scan for Kids which is on our new Wee Yogis Connect is available on spotify is a sweet way to help teach kids about this concept.  I sometimes hear adults say to kids, ” Just relax” but funny thing is, that most kids don’t know what “relax” means.

So the best way to teach them this is to have them tighten their muscles like superwoman or superman and then shake it! Yep, once they shake it then the can understand what “relax” is. Do this a couple of times so kids can really tap into how it feels in their body. Then try it with the body scan song. When the song moves through the body parts…cue your kiddo to tighten that body part, example the arms or legs. Then shake it and relax. don’t move, like a noodle.


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