Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

How to Become a Children’s Yoga Instructor

Children’s yoga teacher training at Wee Yogis offers the best education and experience to ensure that you are prepared to practice yoga with kids of all ages! We are a network of community, family and friends who are dedicated to bringing the practice and lessons of yoga to children across the United States and beyond. Our children’s yoga teacher training program helps you become the best teacher possible!

Wee Yogis introduces children of all ages to yoga as well as the concept of mindfulness. We are dedicated to using fun, interactive and effective learning environments as well as transformational media to help with children’s yoga teacher training. Wee Yogis is committed to helping kids stay connected to their childlike freedom through the use of yoga, mindfulness, music, art and interactive play.

Are you wondering how to become a yoga teacher? Our children’s yoga teacher training program walks you through the necessary steps towards becoming a friendly and professional teacher. First, you must complete a 95-hour teacher-training program. Once you complete the first step of our children’s yoga teacher training program, you will have the opportunity to teach classes, join our famous Wee Yogis touring group, join our extensive network of teachers online and train to become a teacher at one of our Wee Yogis centers.

Our children’s yoga teacher training emphasizes the helping children to develop a mind body connection, release stress, gain confidence and learn to express themselves. Our Wee Yogis school program helps us bring children’s yoga teacher training professionals into schools. During these classes, friendly and expert teachers will help students with relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, fun yoga poses and mindfulness exercises. Did you know that yoga helps children improve their ability to focus and concentrate? Yoga also helps kids build confidence and learn how to express themselves. Your children’s yoga teacher training will help you cultivate the knowledge necessary to make a big difference in the life of a young person.

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training & More

Our children’s yoga teacher training program offers classes in Los Angeles as well as the Bay area. We also plan to conduct them all around the world in the years to come. We have set up class accounts to help our network of compassionate and talented teachers across the country to focus on teaching and leave the business side to someone else.

Wee Yogis makes use of CDs, DVDs and live performances in order to help with children’s yoga teacher training. We are the leader in bringing kids of all ages content that helps cultivate a healthy and happy life.

Wee Yogis is committed to providing the best children’s yoga teacher training possible. We are a leader in bringing yoga to kids through classes, performances, teacher training and transformational media. To learn more about Wee Yogis and our premier children’s yoga teacher training program, please visit or call 323-770-6635.

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