Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Get the top Children’s Yoga Teacher Training to change your life

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

The Top Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is at Wee Yogis

You know how important yoga is to your life, and how important it is for you to share your gift. You know that yoga is supposed to be a unique and and nurturing experience every time you get on the mat. At Wee Yogis, we offer children’s yoga teacher training, which will not only transform how you consider your own practice, but you’ll learn to share your knowledge with the next generation.

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Will Enhance Your Practice

The word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ or ‘connection’. But you know this. Teaching this philosophy to children is different than the methodology of teaching the practice to children, which you’ll learn through children’s yoga teacher training.

Get Children’s Yoga Teacher Training at Wee Yogis

Yoga is advantageous for children to practice for a number of reasons. Yoga is non-competitive. There is no winning, losing, failure or choosing teams or team members. It’s not about measurement, against yourself or others. You can’t be better than anyone at yoga—it’s just an exploration. Through children’s yoga teacher training, you’re allowed to share these gifts. You’re reminded that children are constantly pitted against each other—even in situations where it’s completely unnecessary, feeding into our culture’s ‘eat or be eaten’ mentality. Children are measured, and their lives are numerisized in order to force them to fall in line—they endure systemized testing, they are put in competition with each other, made to feel as though there is little room at the top, and that they must fight for their lives in order to get there. These notions are brought to the forefront after you undergo children’s yoga teacher training. Children’s yoga teacher training will allow you to teach the messages of acceptance and understanding. You can teach your young students that different bodies have different abilities, that you’ll have different abilities depending on how much sleep you’ve gotten or how rigorous your last work out was. This further proves that one can’t measure themselves against another during yoga practice.

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Will Improve Your Practice and Your Life

Children learn self-acceptance through yoga. Kids learn that there is no test, there is no measuring tape. It’s about each individual’s journey. In a society where kids and adults alike are bombarded by negativity, by keeping up with society, why not provide this outlet, this introspection while simultaneously getting some exercise. This also instructs tolerance for yourself and for others. One can be the fittest, most valuable athlete and struggle with their yoga practice.

Through yoga, children learn how to focus on a single task. They can clear their minds and not be bombarded with all the trivialities of life. Yoga allows children to be more in touch with their feelings. Thus, they generally have more positive mental health, less tantrums, and are able to express themselves better.

Children’s yoga teacher training will change your practice. To find out more, visit or 323-770-6635.

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

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