Children’s Yoga Music: A story of adventure, life, learning and play


Children’s Yoga NonProfit touches thousands of kids and parents through KayLee Smiles debut music album “Wee Yogi’s Play

Venice, CA., August 1, 2011 – KayLee Smiles along with The Wellness Initiative, a nonprofit that uses yoga to improve well being of children, are on a mission to introduce children to yoga and inspire them towards a life of mind/body wellness at a very early age. The original children’s yoga music created by KayLee Smiles (Jocelyn Kay Lee) is gaining popularity through mommy and me yoga classes, child development classes, and daycares.

“We love to use the CD in our classroom and we find that this music gets kids up to dance and without even realizing it they’re doing downward dogs, tree poses and other yoga poses through muscle memory. Best of all….they’re having a great time and bonding with their parents,” says Nazmina Kheraj, owner of Wondertree Kids (

Wee Yogis Play is designed to teach children the life-changing art of yoga through an entertaining sequence of songs, teaching poses through music, games and fun! Songs range from the high energy “No No Mama Stay,” which gets kids to let loose and dance, to the meditative, yet catchy “Warrior” where they learn the art of sitting still in warrior pose. Fun interludes, such as “Tip Toe” test the wee ones ability to listen and quietly move around as they engage in this updated yoga version of magical chairs (or mats). “My favorite part of this project has definitely been making the music videos with my nieces that accompany each of the tracks,” said Jocelyn.

“Students of all ages suffer from increasingly stressful lives, and they often lack the opportunities and tools to relax, reflect, strengthen, and focus…and that’s why the world needs KayLee Smiles and her music,” said Mara of The Wellness Initiative ( One dollar of every “Wee Yogis Play” album purchased will be donated to The Wellness Initiative.

To get more information on KayLee Smiles, see the music videos and to purchase Wee Yogis Play, please visit or you can download the album from Itunes. Discounts are available for bulk orders.


About KayLee Smiles (Jocelyn Kay Lee)

Jocelyn is a teacher and an artist. She began in the Bay area, teaching dance (Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop) for 9 years to students of all ages and kids with disabilities. She loves kids, helping them to remain free and express themselves through art…and works with everyone else to make them feel like kids again.  Learn more about Jocelyn in her bio.


About The Wellness Initiative

Students of all ages suffer from increasingly stressful lives, and they often lack the opportunities and tools to relax, reflect, strengthen, and focus. This reality negatively impacts their self-confidence, relationships with others, physical health, and academic performance. In response to this persistent and growing problem, The Wellness Initiative was founded in 2006 to deliver secular wellness programs to K-12 students in Colorado. The mission of The Wellness Initiative is to improve the physical health, social and emotional development, and academic performance of low-income youth through yoga-based wellness programs. During the 2010-2011 school year, we expect to serve 2,125 students and 350 classroom teachers in 25 schools. Learn more at

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