Children's Yoga Mindfulness

Children's yoga mindfulness will aid in your family travels.

Children’s Yoga Mindfulness

Wee Yogis Children’s Yoga Mindfulness Will Inspire Your Family to Be More Compassionate

Children's Yoga Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being present, aware and nonjudgmental. Imparting the practice of children’s yoga mindfulness requires effort and time. Through Wee Yogis, the healthful, inspiring practice of children’s yoga mindfulness is taught in a safe, fun-filled environment, so that children can take what they’ve learned with them throughout their lives. The practice of children’s yoga mindfulness is particularly important while traveling with your family. This is already a trying time for even the best, most composed of us.

Children’s Yoga Mindfulness Will Aid the Ease of Your Family Travels

With children’s yoga mindfulness and mindfulness in particular, you can teach the ABCs: “awareness”, “being” and “clearly seeing”. “Awareness” includes being aware of how you are thinking, how you are feeling, and what you are doing. It starts within the mind and body, and extends to one’s surroundings. “Being” is about a state of being present and doing your best to avoid being on auto-pilot. You don’t want to become too committed or indulgent in feeding problems you create in your own mind. Continuing children’s yoga mindfulness and mindfulness in general, the last of the ABCs is: “clearly seeing”. You create space between what you perceive, what occurs, and your reaction to it. This allows you to make better choices, and choices from a place of tranquility, rather than impulsivity.

Practicing children’s yoga mindfulness and general mindfulness will help you get your journey off on the right foot. First, you want to practice patience. You and your family will likely have the experience of having to rush through particular parts of this journey—such as being forced to rush onto and off of the plane. And there are a number of instances where you’ll need to wait, likely in a line. This is the time to ground yourself and your children—you can ask everyone to check in with themselves, decompress, and offer compassion to yourself. And not only to yourself—this is a time to impart to your family how you can be compassionate to one another and those around you. This will not only make other feel good, but will make you feel good too. The phenomena of upstream reciprocity occurs when one experiences a benevolent act, inspiring at least three others to do the same.

A great practice for children’s yoga mindfulness and general mindfulness is gratitude. When you finally get a moment to sit, you may want to encourage your family to remark upon or silently consider the instances in which they are grateful. It could have been a helpful flight attendant or security personnel. Alternatively, you and your family can journal. Encourage your family to consider the little things that are grateful for: soft bed sheets, fresh water, a tasty meal. By focusing on the positive, you find it easier to not let the negative aspects of travel taint the rest of the experience.

Watch your children bloom with children’s yoga mindfulness. To find out more, visit or 323-770-6635.

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