Childrens Meditation Music

How childrens meditation music improves lives

Childrens Meditation Music

Enjoy Childrens Meditation Music from Wee Yogis

Childrens Meditation Music

As an adult, there are so many very valuable reasons to meditate. But what about your children? There are just as many, if not more reasons for a child to meditate. With childrens meditation music from Wee Yogis, you encourage your children to improve themselves, love themselves, and better appreciate their environment.

Childrens Meditation Music and Mindfulness Practice Improve Quality of Life

With mindfulness and childrens meditation music, your child will have increased attention. Kids with ADD/ADHD can experience profound improvements from meditating and childrens meditation music. Behavioral problems, concentration, and anxiety can all be affected, so much so that many schools have even begun to implement meditation programs. Some, in fact, have replaced detention with meditation, however, teaching guided meditation is the most effective in schools when it’s conducted separately from punishment or other disciplinary action. Meditation and childrens meditation music can help increase school attendance rates, grades, and decrease suspensions. Children are generally happier and less aggressive, with their anxiety reduced and working memory boosted.

Meditation and children’s mediation music can address trauma. Children can experience trauma, stress and worse at home—much of which is out of their control. Stress takes a major toll on all people, but children especially are vulnerable to stress. Stress affects the mind and the body—stressed out children tend to have weakened immune systems and suffer from repeated and prolonged illnesses. Sometimes children have experienced trauma and aren’t even aware of what they have suffered.

In some instances, meditation is a mixed medium—it can be mixed with movement, breath, meditation and childrens meditation music. Being thoughtful and conscientious about how the meditation is orchestrated is very important.

Children who experience meditation and childrens meditation music have reduced anxiety, depression and fatigue, and tend to be happier and more relaxed. Various mood and anxiety disorders can dissipate, if not clear all together.

Meditation increases a sense of self-awareness and heightens the feeling of connectedness with one’s environment. It provides the opportunity for “spiritual” guidance that allows children to feel comfortable in their skin, to connect to themselves. They become more sympathetic and empathetic. The thought is that children who are unkind to others become this way from being disconnected from themselves. Kids learn to find pause between receiving stimulus and reaction—one learns how to manage impulsivity, an invaluable skill. The ability to de-escalate negative feelings as well as stressful situations is a skill that children will utilize throughout their entire lives, and can use in a variety of instances, whether personal or professional.

One must recognize that guided meditation is a form of social emotional learning—a neglected area of instruction. Children are happier, more resilient and gain a sense of social responsibility. Through these programs, children become kinder, as well. They are sympathetic to other’s perspectives, and have more emotional control.

Childrens meditation music will aid in heightening mindfulness. To find out more, visit or 323-770-6635.

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